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Conduct your social media empire with the most advanced image centric tools available.

One Login for All Your Social Media

Manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles from one place. You can separate personal profiles from business so you never accidentally post to the wrong page.

No logging in and out, or switching between a zillion browser tabs.

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Make Your Posts Stand Out

Images get more clicks than links.

Use Symphony's stunning Crosspost tool to post your blog links as big pictures with a link to your blog in the caption. Maximum control gives you the ability to customize each post.

Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs

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Looking for an image to go with Your Tweet?

We'll suggest one for you. The built-in Google Image Search lets you find images that you have the right to share.

Empower your message with beautiful imagery. Pictures get more love on social media.

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Twitter & Facebook #hashtag Search

Run one search, get results from both social networks in one tidy column.

Click on any #hashtag in Symphony and we'll pull up all the recent results for you.

Save Time With Automation

Queue tweets and status updates in advance so they get seen at the best time for your audience, netting you more views, clicks, and conversions.

Spend less time publishing your content and more time creating it.

Use larger images to get higher engagement rates

Assign Incoming Tweets and Messages as Tasks

Stay organized by assigning incoming conversations to yourself or to team members for processing.

Great for assigning posts to customer service, sales, or your developers for processing.

Unified Social Inbox

The Inbox aggregates mentions, messages, and comments from Facebook and Twitter in one tidy stream.

It's like Gmail for all your social networks.

Photos receive 2x more likes than test posts and links combined

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Your Posts at Your Fingertips

If you like to customize each post manually, we make that easy too.

We auto-fill your latest post's link, title, and image so you can focus on adding a personal touch, rather than copy & paste.

Grow Your Blog on Social Networks

Automatically syndicate your blog links to Facebook and twitter, or share them as big images from inside our elegant Crosspost tool. Big photos and custom messaging will get your posts maximum impact.

Want to add a Blog tab instead? Sure. You can even customize it with themes.

Conduct your Business Beautifully on Social Media

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